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13 Pies is the best Instagram marketing agency in the world — and we have a proven track record to showcase. With our top Instagram Ads specialists team, we can help your business with the most innovative Instagram Advertising strategies to increase your sales, online visibility, and market dominance.

Instagram Marketing Services We Provide

Instagram Advertisement Services

Our Instagram advertising specialists will create the most effective ad formats to match your campaign requirement as well as outstanding Instagram ad development to make sure your ads are more impactful and connect well with your potential buyers. Our team will create successful PPC campaigns, optimize your existing ads.

Instagram Ads Account Audit

Our Instagram marketing consultants will audit your existing ads account and provide feedback & plan a new strategy based on how you’re currently advertising for your products. Our ad experts offer new audience interest ideas, targeted age, optimize current ads, update hidden settings to ensure more exposure on Instagram.

Instagram Content Management

13 Pies’ copywriters will write engaging content for your Instagram account that is optimized for conversions. Your Instagram marketing firm, 13 Pies will write unique post descriptions, optimize your post graphics, and content that encourages shoppers to make a purchase from your website, and grow your business with Instagram advertising.

Ads Tracking & Optimization

Tracking the results of your campaign is the only way to measure your return on investment in Instagram advertising. By tracking results, we ensure you’re getting high ROI with our advanced Instagram strategies. Our team will do A/B testing of Instagram ads to determine the best-performing campaigns and will further optimize such campaigns for better return.

Followers And Engagement

Our Instagram Marketing Agency can help you to gain thousands of Instagram followers month after month with proper Instagram marketing strategies. At 13 Pies’, our Instagram marketing experts will combine promoted posts, the right marketing tools, influencers, and proven techniques to help your brand for better reach and engagement with potential customers.

Instagram Account Management

13 Pies’ social media counselors will help you to manage your Instagram account. Our Instagram experts plan, execute, monitor, and analyze organic and paid business campaigns on Instagram. Our Instagram marketing management agency’s tailor-made 360-degree solutions enable you to build a positive reputation, expand your reach and boost your sales.

Why Our Instagram Marketing Agency Is Better Than Rest

Affordable Marketing Packages

We provide affordable Instagram Advertising management packages to make sure your business is immediately found in front of targeted customers with Instagram ads solutions. Our Instagram ads pricing varies depending on your marketing needs, annual revenue, and financial capacity.

Hire Instagram Ad Managers

Our Instagram advertising firm schedules regular consultations with your company to talk about your monthly campaign results and brainstorm any additional Instagram ads optimization service, Instagram ads content writing service, or Instagram ad strategies we need to implement.

Complete Advertising Solutions

Ready your products to get more sales with customized advertising solutions for your business. 13 Pies provide PPC management services for Google Ads, Bing Ads, eCommerce, Facebook advertising, Twitter. We will help you to increase your sales, online visibility, and market dominance.

Why Choose 13 Pies as your Instagram Marketing Agency?

✅ Generate More Sales.

✅ Quick Setup and Fast Results.

✅ Boost Your Business Visibility.

✅ Enhance Your Brand Awareness.

✅ Drive discovery and engagement.

We,ve heard things like...

“We’ve been working with 13 Pies for 7-8 months now for Instagram marketing and found them amazing. We’ve seen our product sales increase 4x. We’re busy – so they have made the process as turn-key as possible. I highly recommend 13 Pies team 🙂”


CEO, Business Partner

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Why is Instagram Marketing So Important In 2022?

Instagram paid marketing is one of the most effective ways to get recognized online. Instagram boasts over 1 billion active users, with users spending 40 hours per week on their platform.

It is also one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising option available in the 21st century. The cost to reach more people is less than other ad networks like Google or Bing. You can reach to thousand people using Instagram advertising for low as $5-10.

Instagram ads allow the business to reach their targeted audience and directly sell to them with lots of helpful ad formats and real-time analytics.

Businesses that can successfully adapt Instagram marketing services grow significantly as compared to the rest. Choose the right Instagram ads management agency to grow your business in a short span of time.

How Does Instagram Marketing Work?

There are so many unique targeting options similar to Facebook like age, interest, location, are available on Instagram that makes it a powerful advertising platform.

Instagram advertising works on a pay-per-click model which means that you’ll only pay a small fee if a user clicks one of your ads. When you’re done with Instagram ad creation copy, you can set a budget and bid for clicks/impressions.

Instagram has multiple ads locations like In-feed, stories, reels, in video streams, etc to serve your ads to users for better reach.

You can also hire an Instagram advertising agency to drive potential buyers to your website and generate more revenue with our Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram Paid Ads Can Grow Your Business

More than 56% of shoppers have now started their search for new products on Instagram.

By partnering with the right Instagram advertising service provider company, you have an entire team of specialists working toward your digital success. So whatever your goal is—generating leads, maximizing sales, increasing revenue —we’ve got you covered. You could say our advanced Instagram ads strategies are well optimized for your success.

How much does Instagram Marketing Services cost?

Prices vary depending on strategy and the resources needed in the project. For small businesses with an Instagram strategy, our packaged services start at $500/mo. Other types of Instagram advertising and marketing service costs range between $2,000 – $5,000+ per month.

Our Social media experts will work with you to right-size the effort with your goals. We suggest you build a budget for Instagram Ads management with anticipated results so you can see what kind of budget makes sense. If you need help with this, talk to us.

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What do our Instagram Marketing services include?

As a full-service social media marketing company, 13 Pies offers a comprehensive array of professional social media management services to get your business more visibility in search using only trustworthy, future-proof, Instagram Ads techniques, such as:

Build Custom Audience.

✅ Set up ad tracking correctly.

Manage your Instagram Ad Spend.

Set up Retargeting to reach interested people.

A/B testing of Instagram Ads.

Instagram Ads copy content writing.

Custom Instagram Ads Performance Reporting.

Show Dynamic Product Ads to people who visited your website.

You’ve Finally Found the Right Instagram Marketing Company